CALLUM MCGREGOR has commented on what appeared to be a major on-field bust up between himself and James McFadden at the final whistle in Astana.

SCOTLAND fell to one of their most embarrassing defeats in their international history as they were smashed 3-0 by Kazakhstan.

After the game it appeared as James McFadden was singling our McGregor after the defeat and the Celtic star appears to push McFadden away and was having none of it from the Scotland coach.

Speaking after the game McGregor tried to play it down “It’s massive frustation. You come away and want to start the campaign well.” He told RedordSport

“But you’ve got to play better than that if you want to gather points.

Alex McLeish, Peter Grant and James McFadden overseen this disaster today and know their jobs must be hanging by a thread.

The result backs up what many have been saying about the Scotland boss. He’s out of touch and he continues to suffer from so many call offs because he has made the International scene an uninspiring place to come.

As Celtic fans know, Callum McGregor is a quite placid individual and for him to react to McFadden they way he has is very telling.


  1. Bearing in mind McFadden was never a captain of Scotland and really is only ever remembered as a one goal wonder, it’s beyond belief that he and EBT McLiesh appoint McGregor and then rip into him for reasons unknown. McFadden is to football as an electric fire is to a snowball. Feck of McFadden you are uselss as a No2 and even worse as a man manager, pillock!


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