There are reports Celtic’s tournament down under is in serious doubt, however, the club are charging ahead with the material and ticket sales ahead of the November competition.

It’s billed as Ange’s homecoming – both sets of Glasgow Fans have stated their opposition to the event that would see Celtic take on The Rangers in a friendly – something that just doesn’t sit right.

Sky Sports writer and broadcaster Jason Pine claims the announcement was premature with organisers not having things in place to successfully host the event.

We have reported on the lack of any sort of a plan to deal with segregation between the two Glasgow supports and managing the transportation to and from the game for both sets of fans.

If the organisers didn’t anticipate Celtic and their rivals needing to be kept apart for the game then someone hasn’t been doing their due diligence.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the situation but sources close to Celtic have told CeltsAreHere they believe the tournament will go ahead.

CelrsAreHere also understands the club are making a lot of money for the trip and will be getting paid more than their Glasgow counterparts for the games.


  1. Come on chaps , no need for segregation for Celtic v the new rangers , sure it.s only ten years ago since the world referred to the Glasgow neighbours as the ‘ old firm ” a sweet society style reference of sporting integrity football clubs , and I.m sure the New Co clubs fans will agree no need for division in a jolly FRIENDLY

  2. Never going to be the same, if the antipodean supporters of the Green and blu want to see a derby. They can get Premier/Sky sports on their cable box (free streams are available also) And they can build a roofed copy of the away ends of both derby stadia. And invite 799 friends. And then shout and scream at each others sexuality and religious beliefs.
    Just like being there, except the Royal infirmary and Southern General won’t be full of walking wounded. No such thing as a free lunch.

    And all Glasgow derbies are never friendly. So neither will this. Be nice to hear antipodean’s sing rebs, in the summer though.

    # Ohh Daizen Maeda, Daizen Maeda, you’ll come a Daizen Maeda with me. As we shout, and we swear, all the bile at each other. You’ll come a Daizen Maeda with meeeeeeeeee. #


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