Micheal Stewart believe Celtic could have held on to Scott Brown for another season had they got a manager in place before now.

As quoted by SunSport, the BBC pundit revealed had Celtic managed to get business done early they would still have their captain for the start of what is a monumental rebuild.

Stewart said: “I can’t help but think that had Celtic been able to get this managerial situation sorted earlier, that Scott Brown could well have been hanging around there for longer.

“But what Celtic have lost is Aberdeen’s gain – just purely on the playing front, forgetting the assistant manager’s role.

“So there’s a lot to look forward to for Aberdeen and for Scott Brown and a lot for Scott Brown and Celtic to look back on which has been a phenomenal career.”

The pundit is entitled to an opinion but he’s clearly not been listening to Scott Brown. The outgoing Celtic captain spoke last week about making the decision to leave the club last year when his contract came to an end. [RecordSport]

Scott Brown’s influence on the pitch this season was non-existent at times. We’d have been keeping him around to be a club captain and helping with the transition behind the scenes.

Broony wanted to go and really kick start his coaching career elsewhere. A stay at Celtic never looked on the cards in the end.

Michael Stewart has got this one wrong. A new manager getting a fresh start with new dressing room leaders is probably the right thing to do.

Now the season is over, Scott Brown’s official ties to the club are all but over. It’s still going to be very surreal next season when the midfielder comes up against us.


  1. Michael is spot on.
    Our policy of taking forever to do anything has cost us our leader.
    Yes, Broonie might be saying he’d decided to leave at start of the season but the new boss could have easily persuaded him to stay, IMO
    Aberdeen have stepped in while our club was sleeping


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