If we didn’t know any better, we’d say Celtic are putting pressure on current season ticket holders to make sure they renew before next weeks deadline.

Instead of waiting until all renewals are in, the club issued an article on the official website aimed at supporters on the waiting list. In that article, they claim a whopping 17k are on the waiting list, something we find rather surprising but who are we to say otherwise!

A bit of a nudge to the supporters who have been in two minds over buying a season ticket this year because they’re essentially paying for an overpriced TV Subscription until crowds are allowed back in stadiums; There are no guarantees it will happen before next year.

There will be sadly some supporters who can’t afford their season ticket now due to circumstances with the club doing very little to help them other than extending the renewal period.

There’s no doubt, any season tickets not renewed will be snapped up ahead of this historic season. Celtic know that’s the case and why they’ve been reluctant to bring down the price of season tickets.


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