Celtic are paying the price for the upcoming Cop 26 summit with tickets for the Ferencvaros game nowhere near selling out at the moment.

The game should be on a Thursday night at 8pm – instead the tie between Celtic and Ferencvaros will take place on a Tuesday afternoon at 3:30pm.

The tickets have gone on general sale this weekend and the map shows how many sections are still available for fans who want to come to the game.

UEFA had to move the game because Glasgow is hosting world leaders at the start of next month but in preparation for the event – Celtic were told the game couldn’t be policed at its usual time and date.

Cop 26 is an important climate conference that could shape how the world deals with global warming. All eyes will be on Glasgow for the event and if a game is going to be moved to a ridiculous time — at least there’s a good reason behind it.

Many season tickets holders have clearly had to give the game a miss. Many people will be at work, others at school or university when the game kicks off. Travelling fans from over the UK and Ireland will likely miss the game too. There will be also many on the HCTS who have just bought tickets but will be unable to attend.

It’s unfortunate we won’t be able to make a formidable European night atmosphere. Hopefully general sale tickets get snapped up the closer we get to game time.


  1. As a molecular Biologist I have to say that the world has had decades of supposedly dealing with climate change and nothing of any real importance has happened. I expect nothing much will happen at this event either, but those who attend will certainly personally benefit.

    We are now past the omega point for climate change and what we do now may only slow things down a bit. We should have taken giant steps back in the 70’s. Disaster is waiting for us and a recent scientific paper appears to show that interfering with nature also encourages pandemics. Fancy that!

    Our leaders and politicians are mainly incompetent, greedy and stupid people, with only a few exceptions to the rule. They generally think only of the present and themselves. There are only a small number who stand out as important throughout the world.


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