It has been widely reported on social media today that UEFA are set to scrap the long-standing ‘away goal’ rule in the Champions League.

The rule which assigns a greater value to a goal scored by the away side in order to provide a winner may be on the brink of disappearing from Europe’s premier competition.

The away goal was first brought in during the Cup Winners Cup in the 60s and was then introduced to the Fairs cup then the European Cup towards the end of the decade.

There has been much opposition to the rule over the years with many citing it detracts from the attacking ideals of the modern game and promotes a defensive unattractive style of play.

The argument for the rule is that it pushed away clubs to go and attack and get that goal away from home rather than sit in.

If the rule is scrapped they will need to come up with a solution on how to break a stalemate that the away goal would would historically settle.

Straight to penalties after the second leg is one idea, an away goal only counting in extra time was another but that seems like splitting hairs.


  1. WHATTA load of shi7e, so just look forwards to both teams sitting in and then in the second leg both teams going for the win in extra time. I Guess that would improve teams spending big to progess then win it outright. As I stated earlier Big get bigger, small still get beat, away goal or not.Lets stick with the Staus Quo. As I like ‘paper plane’.


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