It has emerged late on Monday morning not one but TWO Rangers players have broke strict COVID rules and attended a party.

Jordan Jones and George Edmundson have been suspended by the club, but given they have broke strict rules and been around the rest of the squad it should now be a matter for the league.

Celtic missed two games because Boli Bolingoli went rogue and got on a flight to Spain, if this isn’t handled in the same way, a double standard for the season will emerge and it will not be in anyone best interests.

We await to see if the SPFL will pull the plug on Ibrox fixtures as a result of this rule break.


  1. DOCK TRIFC POINTS NOW. Disease ridden mob, Get them banned by the SFL + SPFL. Dock the club points and get the players FINED, and FINE the club. Let’s all follow the p1sh that BOYD spouts. TRIFC POINTS DEDUCTION NOW.

    Let’s see what Boyd spouts next, F@nny.

  2. Sad that you can’t see the difference in 2 players not being near the rest of the squad and boli whom played a game after coming back from Spain on the fly when he should have been isolating. Get the green tinted glasses off and use that one brain cell you clearly only have. There was calls for points because boli was technically ineligible to play and he did.


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