The Ange Postecolgou homecoming tour organisers might want to rethink their plans after tickets went on sale for the game between the two Glasgow sides in Australia later this year.

Celtic have graciously invited their rivals to Australia to take part in a tournament during the international break in November. There has already been major opposition to the derby being played outside the country and in a glorified friendly.

However, it could get worse for the organisers when they realise they can’t really house Celtic fans and Gers fans in the same sections.

Vince Rugari, a popular Aussie journalist has taken to social media to express his concern.

Vince wrote on Twitter: “I have a sense that the NSW government doesn’t really know what they’ve signed up for. This is going to be insane. How do you stop Celtic and Rangers fans from jumping on the same train to Homebush? Good luck with all that, cops.”

A Celtic fan down under also wrote: “Bought tickets for this today, could have bought them for anywhere in the ground. A recipe for disaster. There are so many potential flashpoints it’s difficult to know where to start.”

If they’re selling tickets without segregating fans, it could spell disaster for the organisers.

Either one of two things will happen; we’ll see a lot of football tourists adding to an already sanitized derby or we’ll see a hardcore base of fans from both clubs in the stadium without any sort of security between them.

Glasgow Derbies throughout the years attended by both sets of fans have to have strict security in place and distance between both sets of supporters.

Surely Celtic have made this clear to the organisers.


  1. Pish and jobbies talk. Strange to think of two groups of mostly Christian teams supporters, can’t get on for one game in the sunshine during a derby in Oz. So two teams based in Glasgow with mostly a Christian following cannot go on a paid holiday in Oz. And the people running (sic) this gig don’t care (dare I say shouldn’t) about supporters, be going there to have a fight and sing sea shanties about separatist issues with each other. It’s like taking your American devil dog into a nursery during nappy changing time. Bound to end in carnage. When hot beer and pent up emotions for the fatherland are mixed. Make more sense to have the game in Glasgow and invite the Australian supporters over here.

    But it’s a money grabbing exercise isn’t!!!! Let the organizers deal with the outcome. If all the Ozzy’s can get on, then fine. But hopefully all the tattoo’d cheerleader idiots, home and abroad are banned from travelling to it.


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