The immediate future of Scottish football should become a lot clearer on Wednesday with the SPFL set to thrash out a plan with clubs in all divisions.

The meeting was supposed to take place on Monday but after UEFA’s intervention with Belgium, the clubs and association in this country are being careful about their next move.

Belgium have put their plans to crown Brugge champions on ice until the end of this month to see how things progress. Belgium believes the outcome will still be the same but UEFA might be more receptive to that idea if it’s obvious football will not be back in time for the summer.

The SPFL have their own crisis with clubs needing cash flow which includes prize money and tv cash to try and help them stay afloat.

With that in mind, nothing can be off the table for the SPFL and they will be looking for a resolution of some sort in the coming day’s.

Speaking to SunSport, a source at the SPFL said:

“The next two days should tell us a lot more about the direction we’ll be heading in.

“Nothing is certain as things stand and it’s impossible to predict how things will go.

“People tend to keep their cards close to their chest at times like these.

“The board will discuss the whole situation and it’s likely they’ll look to lead the debate on Wednesday and make its recommendations.

“We’ll then discover if there is any consensus behind one particular future model or not and, if so, what that is.”

The SPFL could come up with something similar to Belgium and give an end date to everything. If football cannot be played by X date then we call the league as it stands.

What they want to do about promotions and relegations is surely going to be higher on the agenda than the open goal of declaring Celtic champions should we be unable to play anymore football.


  1. A very muddie outlook will be removed/added for all teams. Good news for Cove Rangers et al, as they may taking their dash up their next league. Don’t know how the play offs for second places will go. So still muddie there. But since everybodies at the same video conference, see how many single wellies get left behind.


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