MARTIN O’Neill has had his say on Celtic and the Glasgow Derby coming up this Sunday after Sky Sports caught up with the Nottingham Forest boss.

O’Neill who really brought the modern day successful Celtic to the forefront during his time in Scotland is watching from afar as one of his top Celtic signings Neil Lennon takes the reigns for a second time.

It was the likes of Neil Lennon, Henrik Larsson, Chris Sutton, Paul Lambert etc. that really put the former Ibrox club in their place after many dark days at Celtic Park.

As the bhoys head into Sunday’s game with a very healthy lead, Martin O’Neill believes nobody at Celtic will be taking that for granted.

The former Celtic boss also backs Neil Lennon in the Celtic job admitting you know what you get with Neil; a passionate Celtic man who is also an excellent manager. Watch the full clip below.


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