MARTIN O’NEILL is a Celtic legend. Most players who have spoken about playing under him at Celtic Park always speak of the Irishman’s presence when he was in the room.

While speaking to OpenGoal sports about his career, Craig Beattie was no different.

Talking about being released by Rangers and immediately finding himself in the Celtic boardroom for talks, the former striker recalls the moment Martin O’Neill entered the room and hit out with one of the best one liner’s we’ve heard in quite some time.

“He just had this aura and he knew I had just been released from Rangers.

“He had an assumption or some sort of knowledge of the background and he literally said to me: ‘I don’t care if you bang a drum in the middle of July, as long as you want to play football for me.’

“And I was just like, do you know what? I do. Let’s get this done. I can’t wait. I want to play.”

O’Neill obviously poking fun at his Ibrox origins and done his homework on who Beattie supported.

Martin was a great man-manager and he could be as funny as he could be serious when the times called for it. He lifted the players to play for him, he gave abuse to the players who deserved it (ask Neil Lennon) and he had one simple mantra during his time at Celtic – Get the f**cking ball and give it to Henrik. It seemed to work more often than not!


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