It’s not every day an ‘active’ Celtic player who is currently at the club slips passed us on matchday but that’s exactly what Marvin Compper has managed to do!

It was only brought to our attention today that the Celtic defender was trackside in the build up to the Celtic vs Leipzig game. To train? To observe? Nope! He was there to be a pundit for German TV station Nitro.

The Celtic player who has only played 83 minutes of competitive football for the club was being paid to be at Celtic Park by the TV Station as well as collecting his sizeable wage from the club.

Marvin was told his opportunities would be very limited this year and he could move on if he could find a new club.

However, either the player thinks he can change the manager’s mind or he’s quite happy to sit on a large contract until another one comes along or this one runs out.

Brought in from Leipzig it made sense he would take up TV duties and talk about the game but it’s a bit galling for Celtic fans to see him in that capacity knowing what an unmitigated disaster his transfer has turned out to be.


  1. Marvin Who,Is he on the media side of things.What a complete waste of a wage.This guy should be ashamed of himself.Get him out the door,Pronto.Im sure we could use his wage on even bringing a decent young player through the ranks.HfH


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