BARRY FERGUSON has admitted Graeme Murt’s men made a tremendous blunder when they made their cheering public after drawing Celtic in the Scottish Cup.

The former Ibrox man wished they had kept it to themselves and believes that if the shoe was on the other foot, it would give him extra motivation to come and win.

Writing in his Daily Record column, Barry seemed worried.

‘I didn’t like it when the story came out about them cheering in the home dressing room as the balls came out of the pots

‘It was a massive PR blunder for the club to allow that to become public knowledge. Yes, go mental behind those four walls all you like – but for God’s sake keep it in house.

‘The worry is Rangers have just handed Celtic all the motivation they will ever need for a trip across the city and I know how I’d have reacted had the boot been on the other foot.’

Celtic will go head to head on Sunday with their Glasgow rivals – looking to go nine points clear with a game in hand.



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