Frank McAvennie has tried to shrug off his public dressing down from Celtic’s hat-trick hero Odsonne Edouard. The Frenchman took to social media after the Hamilton win to sarcastically tweet and repeat what Macca had said about him in a pre-season game.

McAvennie denied on social media that he made certain comments. He appears to be fixated on the media appearing to suggest he was saying Eddy looks disinterested because he wants a move away. In reality, this site and many other sites took issue with the statement altogether.

Claiming Edouard looked disinterested during a pre-season bounce game with nothing at stake against Ross County is clutching at straws when your paid to have an opinion.

The game was to get up to speed and get 90 minutes under the team’s belt. Macca decided to pull Eddy up for it online and its came back to bite him.

In usual Macca style, he shrugs it off, proving once and for all even he doesn’t listen to himself when he opens his mouth.

“He came out and had a wee bit of fun with me.” McAvennie told SunSport.

“I saw it this morning and just liked it. I’ve not got a problem with that.

“Listen, the boys like Scotty Brown all know me. I didn’t mean anything by it.

“They’ll be having a good laugh about it in the dressing room.

“But I didn’t say he wasn’t interested in playing for Celtic, I never said he wants to move.

“All I said was he didn’t look interested in that specific game against Ross County with nothing to play for in an empty stadium”

Maybe be careful or think before you speak next time, Frank.