ALLY McCoist has used his platform on BT Sport to have a go at Leigh Griffiths and try to continue speculation that was quashed by Brendan Rodgers last week.

The failed manager turned pundit thing’s there’s ‘something strange’ going on with Griffiths and laughed off suggestions by the Celtic captain that Leigh was brave for pulling out of the Scotland squad last month.

“What’s brave about pulling out because you’re not fit? Why is he not fit? I don’t think it’s an injury.

“There’s clearly something not right with Leigh Griffiths at this moment in time.

“He’s spending his time tweeting and liking stuff that’s anti-Alex McLeish and anti-Steven Naismith.”

Leigh clearly doesn’t get on with Hearts star Stevie Naismith and he can do what he likes on social media.

The Scottish striker admitted his fitness wasn’t up to scratch before pulling out of the Scotland squad, that’s no mystery.

He wanted to use the time during the international break to work on his fitness but then came down with a calf injury of which he has just recovered.

When asked about Leigh, the Celtic manager was clear about his striker’s injury – does McCoist think Rodgers is lying?

The player is expected to start light training and will be looking to build his fitness up for a return to the first team.


  1. McCoist is at the old deflection art tactics. Jabba has given him instructions to avoid talking about Boy Gerrard’s problems. Usual avoid talking sevco, deflect, deflect, deflect. Typical Jabba body swerve. Let’s be honest, who listens to the gardener Ally anyway, talks rubbish.

    • I agree McCoist should talk about his own team and tell the truth that SG is no better than the last three managers before him..
      McCoist like every one else can see now that we are one and we are BOSS

  2. McCoist cant talk about anyone he is the worse manager ever to be at oldco ranjurs and newco ranjurs he just loves opening his fat mouth on Celtic but cant talk about the cheating club at liebrox his pain is getting worse because he knows his newco are pish with slippy g, keep them on comedy gold listen to there pain trying to cover anything sevco up he’s just another bawbag of the year sally mccoist.

  3. Swally, Void and Barry the three stooges who couldn’t hit the target with a handful of barley have a right cheek to talk about ability or fitness. The team these never Beens played for is DEID KAPUT just like their tired biased views.


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