CHRIS SUTTON had to laugh at Ally McCoist for going on a massive rant about his former club being hard done by, above everyone else when it comes to the SFA panel.

He tries to cite Celtic decisions bot being pulled up and all the decisions for the league leaders which get dredged up.

However, what he neglects to point out is these things have not been dealt with on the pitch and had they been at the time, his former side would have been down to ten men and in peril of dropping points. As it goes, their club have benefited from referees incompetence this season which has had to be retrospectively rectified

McCoist is ranting like an old drunk in a pub. Certainly, empty vessels make the most noise comes to mind in this two minute clip.

It’s a victim mentality which has been made up over the years and built on because they weren’t winning. They’re actually in a winning position but they can’t shake that mentality.

Chris Sutton believes both clubs are under scrutiny more because of TV and social media while the provincial clubs get away with much more.

McCoist got one thing right, it’s ‘absolutely embarrassing’.


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