Ally McCoist has made a plea for the return of more away supporters for the Glasgow Derby now Dave King has walked away.

The former Ibrox manager hasn’t been impressed by the new set up but during his rant about what should be done and why it happened in the first place, he tries to re-write history.

McCoist blames a tit for tat between the two clubs with Celtic somehow starting it. In reality, Celtic were having so much joy at Ibrox and the 8,000 in attendance every time made it hard to stomach. Out of nowhere, The Rangers dropped Celtic’s allocation without consultation with the club. At that point, Celtic had no choice but to reciprocate.

McCoist might have the origins of the story wrong but his call for more away supporters in this Derby should be looked at when the football does return.

“I haven’t been to Parkhead for an Old Firm* recently but I have been to Ibrox when Celtic only had 800.” Ally McCoist told TalkSport as cited by The Evening Times.

“But then I went to the league cup final when Celtic won, the stadium was split and the atmosphere was just brilliant, you realised what you were missing.

“The atmosphere as you can still imagine for the home team with the vast majority of fans is good, but when the away section have a good support the atmosphere is fantastic.”

“I don’t really know how it started it was probably a bit tit-for-tat.

“I know Rangers I think were not too happy with the supporters getting stuck down the corner with maybe an obstructed view. It then led on one thing to the next thing.

“It doesn’t matter how it started, but it needs to end that’s what it needs to do.”

“When we get back playing football hopefully in the foreseeable future they can get it sorted.

“There’s something about the away fans, listen the home fans we love, the supporters who are loyal. But the away fans that travel always in my football career and memories, always make some noise.”

Celtic have had their fair share of memorable moments at Ibrox over the years. There was no cut of allocation when the old club were winning on a regular basis.

As we’ve seen this season, having a predominantly home support doesn’t always give you the advantage and if you don’t hit the ground running during these games, crowds can get very nervous and get on the home side’s back.


  1. Once again McCoist playing the ” thicko” ( which is not too hard for him), blaming Celtic for having very little fans at sevco games! It was sevco that got sick watching us celebrate at ibrokes, that they reduced the numbers, and Celtic had to do the same. How come these “peepel” always want to blame other people for Thier stupidness? Go get a life you shower of morons.!!! Still not long now untill they are no more once again! Bye bye sevco bye bye. Way down upon a Swanee river.! Great song!.


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