Scotlands MSM has now gone onto day three with the deflector shields up. No rational or logical thinking seems to exist among a large amount of the population. You get the feeling Scott Brown is sitting somewhere enjoying this. He runs the show and some people can’t take it.

His partner in the middle of the park, Callum McGregor, has had his say on this ongoing nonsense. Speaking with Sky Sports, McGregor brings some sane views to what has been one-sided media reporting.

“I don’t think Scott did anything wrong. Tactical, mind games, whatever you want to call them, are part of football. “He never actually did a lot wrong. The Morelos one, he runs across the path of him and he gets that reaction.

“People can say what they want about Scott Brown but that did not warrant the reaction it got. “He was basically assaulted twice in the game, for a bit of mind games and a bit of tactics. “That’s nothing for anyone to speak about Scott and his behaviour, it is obviously the other side.”



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