Celtic’s latest performance showcased a notable tactical shift, with Callum McGregor thriving in an advanced midfield role, a change attributed to the presence of defensive midfielder Tomoki Iwata.

Tomoki Iwata
4th November 2023; Victoria Park, Dingwall, Scotland: Scottish Premiership Football, Ross County versus Celtic; Tomoki Iwata of Celtic

McGregor displayed remarkable ease in progressing the ball.

Iwata’s inclusion in the team as a defensive midfielder transformed Celtic’s midfield dynamics. His ability to hold the fort in a deeper role has given players both behind and in front of him more freedom to express themselves on the field. This tactical adjustment allowed McGregor to play further up the pitch, where he excelled, adding a new dimension to Celtic’s attacking play.

McGregor’s performance in this advanced role was not only effective but also eye-catching. He demonstrated a natural aptitude for this position, combining his defensive acumen with an ability to drive the team forward. His comfort in possession and decision-making in advanced areas were pivotal in Celtic’s dominant display.

This development will undoubtedly give Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers plenty to ponder. McGregor’s adaptability and effectiveness in a more attacking role could lead to more tactical variations in future games. It also highlights the depth and flexibility within the Celtic squad, an essential factor in enduring the rigors of a long and challenging season.

Rodgers will be pleased with the options at his disposal.


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