DEREK MCINNES has gone into full meltdown mode after this afternoon’s beating at the hands of Celtic and insisted his player didn’t deserve a second yellow for a mistimed challenge which saw Ryan Christie knocked unconscious.

McInnes was sent to the stands and cried ‘sectarian abuse’ for his reaction rather than the frustration of his team being complete and utter failures on the day.

The Dons boss set up his team to hurt Celtic, in the very literal sense. The Aberdeen players were thugs throughout the game and got what they deserved 100%.

The chorus of Paedo chants from his own fans lost on the manager as well as the fact his own support sang the same song to Steven Gerrard not so long ago.

It’s deflection, it’s a massive meltdown and another humbling by Celtic at Hampden.

Goals from Forrest, Edouard and Rogic put Celtic comfortable through to the Scottish Cup Final where they will play Hearts.


  1. Pass me a hanky, Dereks on. All the excuses were right on the tip of his tongue. They were all well rehearsed, and spouted like a dying swan. Your a mug McInnes, a fauilure never won a Scottish Cup against the mighty Celtic since 1956. Crawl back under your stone. You off down to the Kellogs cornflakes league next. Your mate at Fleetwood is leaving soon and you can get in there, but don’t forget your hankies.


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