DEREK MCINNES says he’s not happy with the challenge put in on his player Ryan Edmondson by Celtic defender Shane Duffy during the 3-3 draw at Pittodrie.

Duffy and Edmundson were too honest professionals going for the ball when their momentum took Ryan off the pitch and into the boards.

Replays showed, Shane did nothing wrong and was contesting the ball, using his power to try and keep Ryan away from goal.

McInnes said the player had to come through a concussion test the day after the game but passed fine; he’s still not happy with the challenge.

“Ryan had to go through the test the next day, but he’s absolutely fine. When I look back at the challenge, I wasn’t too happy with it. He got helped on his way and took a sore one into the boards. He took a sore one, right enough.” The Aberdeen boss explained to the Press and Journal.

“At Pittodrie, like a lot of grounds, there isn’t a lot of room there between the pitch and surrounding walls where the supporters are. When you are going at full speed it can be a bit treacherous. Thankfully, he is okay and he seems fine.

“Looking back on the challenge, I wasn’t aware of it at the time. At the time, there was miscommunication. We thought he was OK and was going to carry on.

“Ryan hurt himself last Tuesday against Hamilton because of the closeness and the change of surface. We made the change with Marley Watkins because he was feeling his hamstring – although he’s all right and should train tomorrow and Friday.

“Ryan was a bit more serious than we thought and had to make that double change within two or three minutes.”

McInnes and his men won’t have to wait long to play Celtic again with the semi-final of the Scottish cup on Sunday.

Derek can moan all he wants but there was nothing wrong with what Shane did at the time.

The Aberdeen boss will be safe in the knowledge It would take a hell of a doubt for anyone to crash into the sideline wall at Hampden, although if anyone could manage to do so, it would probable be Duffy.


  1. McInnes is never happy!!. His problem is he hates Celtic and everything it stands for!. He is just another free mason orange order member not happy with his life, if he has one!!.


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