SCOTT MCKENNA has thrown an astonishing accusation that Celtic get special treatment against Aberdeen after seeing his teammate sent off for a second bookable offence in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

The former Celtic target pointed to the League Cup final when a head collision between Dedryck Boyata and Gary Mackay Steven saw the Aberdeen player stretchered off. No mention of the fact both fairly contested the ball and had every right to go for it.

Dominic Ball clearly comes off the ground when there’s no chance of winning that ball and is so late he smashes into young Ryan Christie. If it wasn’t a straight red, his reckless challenge definitely warranted a yellow and that was enough to send him packing but McKenna has cried special treatment even though he hadn’t seen the replay back.

“I’ve not had a chance to watch the incident back yet and I was a bit of a distance away.” McKenna told SunSport.

“But it was a sickening injury. You never want to see someone get an injury like that on the pitch.

“Earlier this season, Gary Mackay-Steven got knocked out after a head injury from Dedryck Boyata and there was no action given against Boyata.

“Christie gets his head knocked in this match and our player gets the booking.

“The way the two of them were handled, it could have been a bit different. Boyata stayed on the pitch, but we lost a man.

“Was Dom’s challenge reckless? It might have been. But was Boyata reckless when he knocked Gaz out? Who knows? It just seems unfair.”

In the cold light of Monday morning after reviewing the challenge, you would hope McKenna would be embarrassed by insinuating ‘unfair’ treatment from officials.


  1. There is a photo on the BBC website which shows the immediate second after the collision as Christie is knocked out in the air and falling. The scowl on Ball’s face is clear to see.
    As Shakespeare would say, “methinks they protesteth too much”. They KNOW it was an extremely bad challenge and they have resorted to deflection.

    Not one Aberdeen player, as far as I could see, showed any kind of concern for Ryan Christie as he lay motionless on the ground. McKenna’s comments are thoughtless and idiotic. I believe that there are individuals at Aberdeen F.C., who are letting that club down badly.

    As for Ball and Ferguson, both their tackles were dangerous and despicable and Ball’s merited a straight red to add to his previous yellow. Ferguson got the red he deserved. There can be no arguments here. I thought the referee and his assistants have a very good game.

    The Aberdeen manager (and his assistant) also need to take a good long and hard look at themselves. More deflection here. Little concern at all for a previous employee who did much for them while he was there on loan. Sections of the Aberdeen crowd booed as Christie was carried off and cheered and clapped the players who were sent off.

    My thoughts were with young Christie at the time and with his parents who were watching this all going on. How must they have felt in those few moments. This could have been a whole lot worse and certain people should be examining their consciences today and accepting that they were in the wrong, without shouting their mouths off at everybody else.

  2. Scott forgets that Ryan used to be his team mate. Even the sheeps fans applauded Ryan off the field of play. He may change his mind once he has seen photos of Ryans face. Genuine mistake on Scotts part.But acceptible.

    • Acceptable are u kiddin that bastard went in to hurt Ryan probably on his wee scum managers instructions. Take out christie. Manager and fans with peodo songs shocking

  3. There is no argument mcinnes we know what he is. Ball shocker if that guy has any decency about him he ll apologise about his assault. If the Scottish media have any non sectarian feelings they’ll tell the truth. Sfa well same as media liars and people of a persaision that is bigoted and they know it. When does this country accutually stand up and say we will tell the truth. My kids a Catholic if he was black media and sfa would look different. Nobody bring up the 80s and 90s different erra.

  4. I’m a celtic fan not a Catholic. Celtic fans ain’t perfect we know that few beers going to the game singing dancing but not looking for violence. Live in a town that we can’t have a celtic pub because it in flames the sevco. What has football got when bigoted people in Scotland rule the roost


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