A report in the Daily Star has highlighted Dedryck Boyata’s international status after missing out on Celtic’s 1-0 win against Dundee due to injury, pointing to a few tweets by Celtic supporters.

The Belgium star started for his country on Thursday after missing the Celtic game at the weekend leading to some murmurings about why this had happened.

Is it not obvious?

Footballers pick up innocuous knocks all the time! Club’s are overly cautious when it comes to the players well beings nowadays and you just have to look at Kieran Tierney playing on Sunday and not playing for his country on Thursday as proof it can happen both ways and neither player should be chastised for there immediate status.

Boyata is not signing a new contract with Celtic and that puts him under more scrutiny but what we have seen from Boyata since we knew he was leaving Celtic is complete 100% commitment on the field when he has been fit and this media witch hunt or apparent inflammatory headline by the Star should not be taken seriously.


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