There are so many soreheads this morning after a day of celebrating Celtic’s momentous win at Hampden.

The bhoys never got going and would have lost the game if it wasn’t for Fraser Forster who has been putting in the performances of his life as of late.

The penalty save just a long list of saves the big man-made on the day to help secure the trophy. However, nobody has mentioned what happened straight after the missed penalty.

Scott Arfield leaves the ground with both feet in frustration and tries to hurt a fellow professional – the decision by Willie Collum – a yellow!

We can’t get a closeup replay of the tackle but watch after the penalty and the scramble, it’s a shocking tackle and Collum bottled it straight after sending off Jeremie Frimpong.

How Morelos got through the game without a yellow card is also perplexing – the guy should have been done for leaving the boot in several times and at least for persistent fouling.


  1. Willow Collum literally gave the Sevco Players free reign to Really Seriously Injure Our Bhoys.Just exactly how many Fouls Did Shrekelos get away with and Arfield too.Celtic were off the pace Yet We Still did Enough to Win.And the Win was and Is oh huh Sooo Fcking Sweet

  2. Moreorless, is a dirty fouling baastard. Collum is a decietful member of the klan. The dirty late tackle on Jullien shoulf have been a RED. His initials say it all WC, a p1sspot. He loved sending off Frimpong, but didn’t have the guts to send of a persistant offender. Hang your head in shame Collum. You and your kind are an utter disgrace. You wouldn’t get a job in any other country in the world with your performances. Degererate!

  3. There are certain words you don’t use in the parlance of football. There are CHEAT, and COWARD. Watching the sorry Sevco CHEAT, at the throw in, instead of passing the ball back to Celtic, the rangers scum, decided they would keep possession. No mention by the boy wonder Gerrard, obviously something selectively forgot to mention.
    The other word is COWARD, and this is reserved for W COLLUM. his performances are more about him than the game itself. However, on Sunday this so called referee, showed himself to be the COWARD he is by allowing Moreorless to attack Jullien from the rear, damaging his Achilles. The blatant attempt to injure a fellow professional player, shows us the mentality of this little sh1t. He is the lowest form of human being scum.
    However, the COWARD Collum ignored moreorless 14 times and this surely brings into play, that Collum must be referred to his blazer chums for his BONUS. Collum is scum, poison.

  4. All above posts are spot on. We know WC has form when he refs Celtic games. The SFA will do nothing against him and the likes of Beaton and Dallas. HH…


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