If you walked by a newsstand this morning and the back of the Daily Record was on display you would be forgiven for stopping and taking a double take.

Yes, the paper that gave you so much off the radar news over the years has jumped the shark this morning but giving their avid readers a nice little piece of fiction to swallow, swallow.

Celtic made waves yesterday when they signed Charly Musonda from Chelsea on an 18-month deal. The ink on the player’s pen hadn’t dried yet when the Record presented a story that a club operating out of Ibrox had REJECTED a £5,6,7million bid for one of their players. Yes, you read that right!

Bids from China to be exact! The only problem is, it took one person two minutes to completely tear apart the Records ‘exclusive’. This is the kind of absolute nonsense that plagues our mainstream media.

It turns out the clubs the Record report cannot sign any non-Chinese players.

Had the Record been doing their job, or what used to be their job they would have been able to disprove this in the same amount of time.



  1. Thought Windass was getting puntied and they would use a fraction of the fee on Recruiting Ronaldo Messi Neuer and Possibly Neymar.Then use up what was left of the Windass fee on bringing Real RainJurZz out of the Liquidation Coffin.And using up the rest of the fee on Squaring up HMRC!!!!thats just how Absurd That Rancid Cretinous Club are Soooo fcking Gullibillies.With King at the Helm the whoppers will start rolling out of The Sevco Propaganda Conveyor Belt.It must be really hard trying to please the Hun Hoardes on a crash Diet of Dreg Loans.And All with (Real RainJurZz)players.Who know what Sevco are all about.Thats there main problem.Thinking they are A Club thats actually Liquidated.They havent the financial muscle to Do as They please when they please!!!!Spending Money that isnt there……How much longer they can continue is anyones Guess.I”d bet my house on it,They are stretched as far as they can go.They are throwing Money away keeping players they dont even Need,Like Broonose Alves.HH Keep the Comedy Coming Sevco

  2. Who gives a fuck about the Huns, we have just signed a quality lad and hopefully it gives the players a great boost and we can start playing decent football again, leave the deluded to quake in their boots hail hail

  3. Heather daily rangers strikes again, with a load of codswallop! Apart from sevco themselves, there has never been a bigger lier, than these two! But it is still great fun reading the utter rubbish that they expect us to swallow the same as the gullable that support sevco! Hahahahahahahahaha! Between 5 and 7 million pounds???? The arm would have been bitten off , never mind the hand! What almighty shite!.

  4. Dave King attempting to make Real Sevcolona Seem Relevant.And in the same kinda League as Our Champions,Celtic.They couldnt spin a decent truthful enough liIf there Club dependeid On It.All this from a Media that claim,Same Club and (Old Firm) to somehow make it seem that Sevco really are Rangers.No but really They Are???lololol.The Only Peepul that believe Anything coming out of the Crumble Dome have already been mugged Silly,Believing the Myth that is Sevco 5088 are Actually A Liquidated Club.But Survived liquidation.

  5. Surely even the thickest of thick, gap-toothed, eyes bulging, GSTQ, WATP, single brain-celled XXXXXXXXL strip wearing currant bun in the dingiest smelliest boozer in Bridgeton or Paisley Road West can see through this L5 pish by now? Jabba can’t even be bothered to put semi-realistic made up crud out there now. He just spouts out stuff now that makes CBeebies look like the Open University. Barrie McKay anyone?

  6. this comment is bull as chinese teams can sign 5 foreign players per season and play 3 per game and im a celtic fan.stop posting lies

  7. No wonder That Club are the Laughing Stock of Scottish Football.After the last Club that was at iBroke Liquidated,It gave the Newly Foundeid Club a fresh start,A clean slate.A chance to move on away from past endeavours and the humiliation that ensued.But Nope!!!!They just cant get past or look Beyond 54 goin for 55.As if All that Same Club nonsense isnt in itself Absurd Enough,Now they are Spouting there players are worth Millions.As funny and hilarious as All this actually is,Any person with an ounce of common sense will see,Can see Its nothing more than utter BS.Its the kinda keek Dave King will have them spouting.Remember the one,He would use his kids inheritence.Then at his Hearing lately claiming through his QC he is skint.He is a Glib and Shameless Liar,What does that Say for His Club.The Embarrassment that is Sevcolona.And the Zombified Hoardes lap all that BS up as if its All somehow Genuine News,Please Please Please Mr Lion King and everyone at iBroke keep the laughs coming.Oh and in Sevco Reality Celtic have Only won Two Titles.The rest dont count because Sevco werent in the Premier when Celtic won Them.These Clowns Really Really Do Believe There Own Insane Logic


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