If you walked by a newsstand this morning and the back of the Daily Record was on display you would be forgiven for stopping and taking a double take.

Yes, the paper that gave you so much off the radar news over the years has jumped the shark this morning but giving their avid readers a nice little piece of fiction to swallow, swallow.

Celtic made waves yesterday when they signed Charly Musonda from Chelsea on an 18-month deal. The ink on the player’s pen hadn’t dried yet when the Record presented a story that a club operating out of Ibrox had REJECTED a £5,6,7million bid for one of their players. Yes, you read that right!

Bids from China to be exact! The only problem is, it took one person two minutes to completely tear apart the Records ‘exclusive’. This is the kind of absolute nonsense that plagues our mainstream media.

It turns out the clubs the Record report cannot sign any non-Chinese players.

Had the Record been doing their job, or what used to be their job they would have been able to disprove this in the same amount of time.