CELTIC fell to their third defeat of the season just six games in. That’s incredible when you think about it.

The club’s feel good start to the season erased by our away day woes. The first two away days were unlucky and the game could have gone either way. Against Livingston, we had no answers to the way the home side set out their stall and they played us to perfection.

The issues against Livingston are not confined to Ange Postecoglou – we’ve struggled there many times and haven’t won a game at the Tony Macaroni in the entire time Livi have been in the top flight this time around.

Key players are out, but we expect so much more from a Celtic team regardless.

Michael Stewart is usually on point and he hit the nail on the head when it comes to Celtic’s form and the realism setting in.

Celtic were I na very bad place earlier this summer. If we can get key players back; McGregor, Forrest, Jullien and Kyogo, we have options and players who can make an impact on the bench.

The league is not beyond us yet, but it soon could be if our away form continues.


  1. Big Ange has inherited a bigger pile of rubble than what was left at the base of the the twin towers of 911. Geez what is wrong with you people? You have this brilliant manager that given time will deliver big things for this club. After just one window people already want him out even though when he is able to put anywhere near his top side on the pitch it is some of the best football ever seen by a Celtic team. My god imagine had Man U had listened to there disgruntled fans in the first 3 years of his tenure how very different the history books would be. Be strong and Ange will deliver.

  2. Always remember there are no prizes handed out at this time of year!! It never fails to amaze me when sevco have players out, it is highlighted every where, from the free mason rags to he daily ranger!. When we have players out , it is brushed over and pass on, but a panic stations at ipox!. And in the press!!.My prediction as of today Celtic WILL win the league.! Sevco have had their moment of glory, and will now crumble! Watch this space!. COYBIG.

  3. All the media’s fault again then?

    There was me at Livingston yesterday thinking we were terrible and lost to the team at the bottom of the league! Silly me

    I havent seen ANYONE calling for Ange to go but yesterday can’t just be ignored and forgotten about.

    It speaks volumes for our lack of squad quality.

    Bolingoli, Bitton, Johnston, Welsh-really shouldnt be pulling on a Celtic shirt but did yesterday.

    Can make excuses about injuries but we’re no worse than any other team and with our vast resourses we should be able to beat Livingston with a reserve team

  4. We need to give Ange time to build and mold his squad. It’s a bad away run so far but we all knew it wasnt going to happen over night. Be patient and he will get the team together and push for the spl trophy. Personally I think we need to put all our focus on domestic league instead of Europe, I know that’s were the big bucks come from but we need more focus at home.???

  5. Agree with Ange Baby. You need to be delusional not to see the writing on the wall. To win the League we will need therangers to have a poor season that may well happen but can anyone see them getting any less than 90 points. Lets say they get 87. That means we need to get 87 and goals or 88 to be sure ie 79 points from the 32 games left. We need to win 25 and draw 4 of the remaining games is that realistic? No it is not. We have Motherwell away, Aberdeen away and Hibs away in the next 3/4 weeks. Playing twice as well as yesterday I would not expect to get more than 2 points from these games. We have not won at Easter Road in about 7 years. Ange is in bother, even he could not have imagined a worse start. Getting beat against Rangers, right OK but at Hearts and Livingstone. Plus everyone will fancy ther chances if they can avoid losing an early goal. If a team score first they have a real chance. We need to score three to make it safe.

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