MICHEAL STEWART has tried to lend some insight into what has been an over publicised ‘dip in form’ for Odsonne Edouard.

The Frenchman hasn’t been at his best but the media have got a hold of this and really ran with it. We have the ‘not interested’ brigade, the ‘he wants out’ pundits and some advocating he be dropped.

It’s like the last three years haven’t happened!

No, Eddy hasn’t been at his best this season but you can’t point to many in that Celtic dressing room and say they have been playing anywhere near their peak.

Eddy gets the limelight in the media because if you go for Celtic’s top player, it’s a good for clicks – it’s as simple as that.

Michael Stewart believes the dip could be down to a number of things but at least the pundit is willing to explore the reasons why in a bit more depth.

The former Hearts and Hibs midfielders believe the lack of supporters inside the stadiums to get Edouard fired is up is taking its toll.

“Physically I thought he looked weak, which is something you would never normally level at him.” he told SunSport.

“I certainly can’t ever remember him losing the ball as often as he did against the Latvian side.

“And throw in the fact there are no fans and I genuinely think he’s struggling to get himself going.

“They feed off it, they enjoy it, it helps them rise to the occasion no matter who they are playing.

“Edouard and Celtic don’t have that — and won’t have it for some time — and things feel flat, to say the least.

“And so Lennon has a decision to make. Does he keep faith in Edouard and keep him in the side?”

While Celtic players haven’t been at their best, they have only dropped two points so far this season and are on course to go top of the table if they can get their game in hand played and won.

Right now, it’s a hard period for footballers who really thrive off the energy inside stadiums. Celtic must find a way.


  1. Surely one big factor is that the way the team plays now doesn’t suite his style. He’s almost always receiving the ball with his back to goal, after slow build up which gives the opposing defence time to crowd him out before he even gets the ball.

  2. Nonsense. Every footballer who ever made it played in a public park with very few supporters. Celtic as a team and particularly the formation of that team isn’t going to get you a lot of goals. One player up front for a team like Celtic is just madness along with incessant passing from side to side. Look at the other night. Celtic only looked dangerous when the young lad Frimpong ran at the defence and got in behind them. We have two or three players capable of doing this but they are not doing it. As a result we are not creating clear cut chances for Edourd to stick away. The rest of the team needs to get its finger out

  3. I agree-its as if the players think that the aim of the game is to keep and dominate possession. Our opponents are happy with this as all they need to do is sit back, keep organised and all the possession in the world wont matter as Celtic aren’t going to cut us open. We need players who will try to play a killer pass now and again, a winger who will take on a defender. We let Hayes go when he had pace and was a far better LB than Taylor, we persist with Brown and McGregor when they slow the game down, lets see Turnbull, Soro, Rogic before we die of boredom


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