Acting Chief Executive Michael Nicholson was in attendance at the latest Celtic fan forum.

The fan forum has been set up for a few years now where selected Celtic fans and groups get to put questions to people in power at Celtic and express concerns about things around the club.

Nicholson took part in the event with some in person and others on zoom.

There was a lot to talk about; from Stadium development to investing in the football side of things.

Celtic fan and Cynic @Ginty1888 delivered a great synopsis of the fan meeting on his social media feed.


No tickets for away fans on Jan 2nd

• Club look forward to introduction of VAR

• No commitment on DoF or Head of Football Operations

• Barrowfield dev. still in plans

• South Stand redevelopment

• Focus on playing squad

We’ll cover some of these highlights in more depth throughout Sunday.

There are certain things picked up on that could be big for the club and certainly have an affect on supporters.

Nicholson is beginning to be a bit more visible. Dom McKay felt approachable and in view in his 72 days in charge, since then, we’ve not seen or heard from Michael but he’s working behind the scenes at least.

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  1. Best thing to happen although a complete look at refereeing in Scotland is 100years overdue barring season ticket holders or ex season ticket holders from refereeing said team ever!!

  2. People think VAR is going to improve the standard of refereeing? It’s the same cheats operating VAR that are cheating on the pitch. VAR is only going to be used to assist the huns.

    Celtic need to stand up and publicly call out the cheats, not applaud more sophisticated ways they have for cheating.

  3. The referees are a visible symptom of a divided of course are the two Glasgow clubs themselves..Once Scotland gets its independence there will be a huge change in every part of society as ‘white flight’ kicks in and every closed shop profession becomes more open…Just like the 6 counties where a lot of bitterness originates..change is inevitable.. population growth will see to that…Some day theRangers will be a decent football club..if it exists at all…


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