With all major sports cancelled worldwide over a global killing virus, it seems bizarre where peoples priorities are.  The notion that the return of football is high on everyone’s wish list tells you all you need to know about the biggest sport on the planet.

In the giant web of sports, money, leagues, divisions and professional players is the SPFL. A microdot in the world of sports. It’s a small pond with a giant fish, Glasgow Celtic. The club was all set for yet another historic winning season before the curtain came down last week.

The champions had already won one of the three domestic trophies available to them, they had one had on a ninth consecutive league trophy and were two games away from winning another Scottish Cup that would have meant a fourth consecutive treble-winning season.

The SFA/SPFL doesn’t have any backbone or leadership to make decisions on their own game, instead, they will wait to be led by the nose. There is no comparison to La Liga and the SPFL in terms of power and influence. The La Liga president Javier Tebas believes all top-flight European football will return in the middle of May and maybe sooner.

Speaking with Murca Tebas said:

“In mid-May, we should be able to be back on with all European competitions. Of course, it depends on how the pandemic evolves… It could even be before then.” “It could be before, but that is the date we’ve got in mind about being able to resume.”

The null & void call from some clubs and their supporters in Scotland & even England has been embarrassing and highlights the pure desperation to stop Celtic’s record-breaking dominance. Let’s face it, nobody can stop them on the pitch. While worldwide health should obviously be everyone’s main concern the world of sport will play a major role in dealing with the pandemic and the recovery.


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