MIKAEL LUSTIG can’t leave us hanging like this!

The Swede was quoted in an interview this week tearing into Brendan Rodgers for the way he left Celtic and when he left Celtic.

Mikael, who has now moved on from the Scottish Champions also, heaped high praise on Rodgers, calling him a ‘perfectionist’ but when it came to calling himself a Celtic fan, Lustig was not so sure.

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Mikael will echo the sentiments of a lot of players who are still at the club.

His quote at the very end which states Brendan Rodgers KNOWS he disapproved of the choice of his timing to move onto Leicester suggests a chat has taken place after the fact.

If that’s the case, a lot of Celtic fans, including myself would love to know exactly what PC Lustig said to his former boss. Mikael is Celtic through and through after eight years at the club and can genuinely claim he’s a Celtic fan now his time is up with the club.

Maybe one day he’ll let us know what was said.


  1. Maybe a few more players need to voice their thoughts on Rodgers. He’d planned his exit months prior to leaving. Not a care for the players who held you in high esteem. It was all about yourself and your cronie backroom boys. The Leicester blue suit was a giveaway Brendan. Hope you get relegated next season.


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