MIKAEL LUSTIG has made the admission he was forced to phone up and apologise to a member of the Police Scotland team after he took an officers hat clean off his head during jubilant celebrations at Celtic Park.

Celtic beat their Glasgow rivals 5-0 on a day where they won the league and during the third goal going in for the bhoys, Lustig grabbed the Police hat from a member of Police Scotland on the touchline and put it on.

It was completely spur of the moment from the defender and a bit of fun on the day but after the game Celtic were told Police Scotland were furious – so much so, Mikael had to make a phone call.

“The reaction was mostly positive but I was told the police in Scotland weren’t happy with me.” Lustig told SunSport.

“I had to call them and apologise. After that. everything went quiet.

“I enjoy having fun but clearly wearing a police hat was not something I planned before the match.”

It all sounds a bit petty.

Celtic and Celtic fans certainly seen the funny side of it and the club even put the defender in the Celtic Christmas advert as a police officer.


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