Former Ibrox player Charlie Miller has verbalised what nobody has had the guts to say with regards to The Rangers board cutting Celtic’s allocation last season. The official party line at the time was there was high demand for tickets and Celtic would not be getting their 7,000 briefs like they had done previously.

It was more than evident the Ibrox club had enough pain watching the Celtic fans celebrate in their stadium in such great numbers. Until last season, Celtic battered their Glasgow rivals on their home turf.

Now, Charlie Miller is open to letting us all back through the door because he believes it’s closer – how nice of him.

“Last year I’d have restricted the fans, 100 per cent because they were too far ahead of us and we were giving them every opportunity to give us a doing in our own stadium, with 7000 of them celebrating behind one goal,” Miller told the Scotsman. “But this year it’s closer and I’d have given them the Celtic end back, let’s go for it. If Rangers think they’ve come as far as they believe they have, let’s make it a proper derby.”

So we should only get tickets in large numbers when we’re not beating them all the time chaps. How petty and very becoming of this Ibrox club.

The last two times Celtic have gone there with a diminished support, you could argue the atmosphere has worked against us. You could also argue the club were injury-ravaged during both visits to Ibrox last season and had to play a less than ideal starting XI both under Rodgers and Lennon.

With the game going ahead on Sunday, it will be a good barometer of where things stand.



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