To many peoples surprise, Patrick Roberts got a start for Man City last night in the USA versus their Manchester rivals Manchester United.

The Celtic invincible travelled with the squad to America earlier this week, but nobody anticipated the player starting.

The Englishman got the first 45 minutes as Manchester City eventually fell to a 2-0 defeat at the hands of United. The player missed a good chance to score but dazzled with his skills at times, even completing a nutmeg on an opposition player.

The youngster was deployed as more of a right wing back than out and out attacking midfielder and maybe found that a bit uncomfortable at times. His strength is indeed running at defenders high up the field. Man City should know this, as he scored against them at the Etihad last season doing just that.

With so much speculation surrounding the players future and Celtic fans clinging to the faint hope the club could sign him permanently if City decides to move him on, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that we’ll see Paddy in a Celtic shirt again.

City fans who stayed up to watch the game were divided over the player’s contributions. However, they all seemed to agree that there was something there, even if he’s not quite ready yet.

If Pep decides to keep Roberts, then he faces an uphill battle to break through into that star studded side.



  1. Come back to Celtic PADDY, he will not get the start at Manchester, you will get a chance up here PADDY..all the supporters love you up here , and you love it too. Hail hail

  2. Come back to play for a great team . The supports will love you. You will get a game and learn from our great manager. Come on son

  3. Whatever the outcome, Paddy won’t be staying at City due to the fact that he hasn’t got a foreign name and didn’t cost them over £50m.

    IF we qualify for the CL group stages and he still hasn’t decided on his next move by the tail-end of August then I think it’s likely we will see him back to don the Hoops again. Time for the waiting game. Here’s hoping…….

  4. I get the feeling City is showcasing him for other EPL teams in an effort to get a bigger transfer fee than we can afford.

    We’ll have to see what August brings, but I doubt City will sell to us regardless of what Paddy wants. They’d rather loan him to an EPL bottom-feeder just so he can get regular EPL minutes and so other potential buyers see him in action against perceived superior competition.

  5. Patrick. Come. Home. Too the. Boys green. It’s. You’re. Place. Paradise we all know. And love you come. To. Where you. Belong and. With. The. Celtic family. With. Open arms. COCHICE ? ? ? ? I LOVE

  6. That blue shirt does nothing for you.
    You look better in a green and white shirt mate to be honest


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