Former SPL chief Roger Mitchell has thrown down the gauntlet to the Celtic board by telling them to look into the way other clubs do business.

The Celtic fan who now lives in Italy is never shy at coming forward with suggestions for Celtic and their old tired board.

Mitchell brings up Brugge and Brentford as two clubs Celtic should be looking to emulate. When Dom McKay mentioned Brentford as a potential case study for Celtic – some supporters jumped down his throat. They were too concerned with any sort of line of thought that would put Brentford on the same level as Celtic – it’s not about that at all.

It’s about looking at modern ways to run clubs and how to do business in order to build, be successful and continually make profits.

Brentford have had a lot of success playing the numbers and odds over the last while, having a clear plan and utilising it. We seen it first hand, they had Kristoffer Ajer watched for years before they finally signed the defender.

Mitchell wrote on Twitter: “There should be two dossiers before the board at Celtic PLC.

“‘What they do and we don’t’ is the heading of both reports.

“First one Brugge, second one Brentford.

“Both clubs would be considered by most Celtic fans as ‘not as big as us’. How quaint.”

Celtic have fallen behind the times and that’s why we find ourselves in a mess at the moment. No real succession plan, no proper infrastructure and when Dom McKay was brought into bring these things to Celtic Park – he was promptly ushered out the door.

We have too many people on the board and decision makers at the club who are jaded, lacking in ideas and who need to be moved on. It’s time Celtic found a way to be competitive in Europe – that has to be our aim. If you shoot for Europe, by default you’re going to be in a much better place in the SPFL.

Celtic shot just to be better than our nearest competitor over the past ten years and looks where that has gotten us.


  1. This board are the problem. They are as self-righteous, self-opinionated, totally lacking in humility, devoid of intelligent reasoning and empathy and are as out of date as one can be.

    They are simply feathering their own nest and their integrity is very questionable. They have no empathy with and for the fan base. These men are simply capitalists and privileged wide boys.

    There is no evolution taking place and without evolution, survival is less likely and in many cases impossible.

    Dominic McKay has more integrity, humility, ideas, management-skills and people-skills than all of the board dinosaurs put together. He is a visionary who is forward thinking and has proved himself professionally, rather than being part of an old-buoys network. In my opinion, heis a great loss to the club and this will become more apparent as time goes on.

    Mr Mitchell is on the ball here. Brentford and Bruges are certainly good models.


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