Steven Naismith’s own admission when he walked away from the Oldco. “I haven’t quit Rangers, I have quit Sevco.

If he had a tail it would be right between his legs now as he looks to come crawling back from England via Norwich City. His cringy account of himself to the Daily Mail ensures he has the right credentials and attributes to be lining out at Ibrox.

Known how easy it is to win over the Govan support with a few cheesy one-liners, Naismith managed to squeeze in a few baits that will be picked up by the “he’s one of our own” mob.

‘I wouldn’t say I have unfinished business with Rangers because we were successful and won a lot of trophies when I was there,’ he said. ‘Unfortunately, the way I left wasn’t great. I still watch all their games on TV and still speak to all the players and staff I know at the club.

‘I love hearing how things are going. I still support Rangers and I want them to do well.

The best bait was the one about finances

“Fortunately, when I come back to Scotland it’s not going to be about finances.

Translated it means, I know you have no money but I’m that desperate you can pay me in Timmy bears. The fact that he said he quit Sevco will be an embarrassing U-turn for both player and club if a transfer should happen.




  1. Seriously anyone who gives Sevco the time of day is Only playing into there Corrupt hands..They are Nothing more than an Irrelevance in Scottish Football.There problem is They are a New Club but Suddenly the started Insisting they are Still Oldco.The Absurdity of this Corrupt Mob is Blatantly obvious for All to See,They let there Club Die.King Brassneck McLeish and a few Other Real RainJurz men stated if they didnt get the CVA past,There history is Gone Tatti Bye….Now they say differently???Fck RainJurz they cheated and paid the Ultimate price,Fck Sevco they are an Embarrassment to Scottish Football.Now Naismith is acting like a Sevconian Muppet…..Keep the Laughs Coming,It Is Xmas After All HoHoHo…


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