Let’s get the first thing out the way, the tackle on Alfredo Morelos on Saturday is a straight red and and a shocking challenge.

However, the ambulance chasers who come out every time something happens to this guy are as stupid as they are willingly ignorant. Steven Gerrard leading the charge saying had Morelos done the same – he would have walked.

It turns out Morelos wouldn’t have walked and it would also transpire even a panel of three former referees wouldn’t find him guilty of several incidents he’s found himself at the centre of in recent years.

Case and point, the images below.

The narrative this guy is harshly treated is a bigger myth than Rangers being relegated to the lower tiers of Scottish football.

We even had people crying attempted murder once upon a time. Take that in, Gers fans were openly claiming a Celtic fan tried to murder Alfredo Morelos by tampering with his car. What did it turn out to be? A hired private eye. It beggars belief.

The ambulance chasing pack want to howl at the moon every time something happens to the frontman. What we saw yesterday was a bad challenge but we’ve seen these tackles go unpunished before. (See Below Pic)

It’s time the media stop pandering to these dangerous morons but it’s sadly their key demographic. Michael Stewart called out Steven Gerrard for his thinly veiled Morelos comments and has been subjected to vile abuse online. There’s no doubt it was a shocking challenge, but a nasty agenda? Coming from a support who have a pub where they stamp on our captains face, there is only one bitter agenda in town.

On a lighter note; it appears Alfredo Morelos has been linked with a big money move to the Queen Elizabeth hospital…if they can fight of interest from Barca, Fiorentina and Porto.


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