ALFREDO MORELOS apologised to his own club and fans for getting sent off in the Glasgow Derby on Sunday. However, this looks like it was just a ‘save face’ apology written up by someone at the club after Alfredo Morelos went over the club’s head and spoke to Columbin radio.

In the explosive interview the troubled striker claims he didn’t touch Scott Brown, branding him a cheat and also questioning the role of the officials in the decision to send him off after the incident.

“I always come into contact with the Celtic captain and I’ve always had strong contact with him and its always been like that.

“I didn’t touch his face and I think that he exaggerated a lot.

“Moreover, neither the referee nor his assistant saw what happened. Celtic players went over and put pressure on the linesman and then not even five seconds later the linesman told the referee to send me off.”

Does this sound like a man who is sorry for his actions or taking responsibility for what he did on the field?

A four match ban has been handed down to the Colombian but might the SFA take exception to their officials coming under attack.


  1. The assistant referee clearly saw it and drew the referees attention to it. All this rewriting of what happened is to suit the apologist in Moreorless. Let’s face it if that happened to the wean Jack, or big mouth Halliday, they would have gone to hospital to be checked over. I am glad he is seen for what he is, A WEE THUG.
    All season he’s been kicking, hacking, pushing, grabbing, and fighting with opponents. It’s supposed to be about football, NOT Moreorless!!!


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