Welcome to day four of denial, deflection and It’s all Scott Brown’s fault. Morelos, the biggest culprit of red card Sunday seemed to have taken his medicine well. But he has obviously been reading too many newspapers and “fans” versions on why Scott Brown made him do it.

Speaking with a South American radio station the red card merchant said:

“With HJK Helsinki I was never sent off, I’ve only been sent off here in Scotland. Like I said, I’ll learn from that. We know that it has been some hard days for me but I’ll move forward. I’m a positive player.”

On Scott Brown he said:

“I always come into contact with the Celtic captain and I’ve always had strong contact with him and its always been like that.” “I didn’t touch his face and I think that he exaggerated a lot.

“Moreover, neither the referee nor his assistant saw what happened. Four Celtic players went over and put pressure on the linesman and then not even 5 seconds later the linesman told the referee to send me off. “Like I said, I have to confront these things in the best way possible and that’s what I’m doing. I apologised publicly and well, we have to keep moving forward, with my head held high.”

You still owe Scott Brown an apology.


  1. Buffalo has now terrified all Columbian managers from picking him for world cup qualifying games no manager likes playing with ten men, ten men can get you the sack


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