ALFREDO MORELOS has fired a warning to Celtic ahead of this weekend’s Glasgow Derby declaring he’s ready to ‘fight’ for his team on Sunday.

With the striker being so volatile and a bit of a hot head, we’re not sure if he means figuratively or literally. He meant literally the last time out at Ibrox where there were three separate flashpoints caused by the frontman and he didn’t even get so much as a yellow card.

Morelos has been in fine goalscoring form against other teams in the league but he is yet to score against Celtic in seven attempts. Speaking to the Daily Express the Ibrox star has fired out a warning to the Celtic players.

“No one can faze me, I’m the kind of player that is always dedicated to fight for my team.”

“I am a very hot player on the field.

“I’m very passionate and I like it – when I’m competing, when I’m active and fighting with the defence, jumping and holding the ball up.

“I would never change the way I am. I am a strong player.”

“I also like coming in strong, powerfully and hitting the ball hard. I like playing in the air and clashing and I like frustrating the defence.”

Celtic are ten points clear at the top and there’s nobody at the club who is trash talking their opponents for Sunday. Celtic talk with their actions and for many years now our Glasgow rivals have ran their mouth before finding the going too tough.


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