Kenny Daglish has some sound advice for the Buffalo, learn off Scott Brown. To a rational,  mature, responsible adult, that is probably good advice. The problem is Morelos has the emotional maturity of a twelve-year-old and is clearly incapable of listening to experience. Otherwise, he would not have five red cards this season.

King Kenny is an admirer though, but he reckons his behavioural problems need to be stamped out. In his Sunday Post column the Celtic Legend said:

“When you think back to Scott Brown’s career at Hibs, and his first four or five years at Celtic, he could be wound-up and opponents tried to lure him in, and make him lose focus. “They knew he was a player capable of causing them problems with his ability, and they wanted him out of the way.

“Brown learned to adapt, to shrug off the wind-ups, to channel his energy in the right manner and focus on being a positive influence for his team. “Morelos should learn from that. He should look at the way Brown turned things around for himself. 

“I hope that while the Rangers striker is serving this latest suspension, the penny will finally drop.”

Scott Brown and a few other Celtic players will test him to see if the penny has dropped at Ibrox on the 12th of May. It won’t be just Morelos that will be tested, quite a few Rangers players proved they can’t control their emotions.


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