Lewis Morgan’s move to Inter Miami is edging closer with the American side filing the paperwork for the player’s transfer from Celtic to the new MLS side.

RecordSport confirmed the new club fronted by David Beckham are crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s on the transfer that caught us all a hit off guard.

Lewis appears to have jumped at the chance for the once in a life opportunity, especially seeing as his time at Celtic will be limited.

However, there’s ambiguity over the midfielder’s transfer fee with Mail Sport writing the club would be breaking even with a £300k fee being touted. However, Record Sport dispute that figure and claim it’s £400k – splitting hairs but this would mean Celtic have made a slight profit on the Morgan deal from two years ago.

Morgan signed for the club under Brendan Rodgers and has spent two spells out on loan to St Mirren and Sunderland during that time.

It’s not worked out for Lewis at Celtic but he did start a Glasgow Derby cup final just last month and picked up a winners medal in the process.


  1. Stop telling us things we already know……..how about doing some journalistic work and informing us about whats happening instead of regurgitating the smsm pish……….ffs , your becoming just like the fucking tabloids……..talking pish for pish sakes…..we are not the hun,we do not need to feel good via the written press,just tell the celtic world whats happening in the here and now without the regurgitation please…………Hail Hail

  2. If Celtic bought him for 300k
    Sold him for 400k

    Wages for 2 years.

    Let say he was on 10k per week.

    52 weeks in the year x 2 . .. . .. . .

    Simple math.



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