There’s a video going around online of our former manager worse for wear after a drinking session.

From the videos, it appears as Neil Lennon has been hassled during a day out when he’s already had one too many.

Now away from the public limelight, Neil Lennon should be allowed to have some privacy.

Instead, we have some absolute morons filming the former Hoops captain and manager.

The post has made its way around social media but we will not be sharing it.

Everyone is entitled to blow off some steam and most people sharing and passing judgement on the video have all been there at one point in their lives.

I imagine when the bars open here, there will be more people than not in similar states.

The usual suspects with the butcher’s apron in their Twitter handle have shown themselves up again.

Yes, this is a man blowing off steam but it’s also someone who has struggled with mental health issues and been very open about it.

It’s the same kind of pattern from these people who will throw any sort of common decency out the window when it pertains to any successful Celtic figure.

And while this season has been a bust, Neil Lennon is still a Celtic legend, enjoying ridiculous levels of success since coming to the club in the early 2000s.

Graham Spiers hits the nail on the head.


  1. As they say ‘Don’t mess with a drunken sportsperson or someone who has thrown bales of hay all there life. Your face might never recover.

  2. More importantly, than a guy going out for a few…….

    Any news on the professional footballers who put other professional footballers lives at risk by getting bladdered at an illegal house party during a lethal viral lockdown?

    Has slippery g decided yet who, when and what punishment will or won’t be dished out to whomever?

  3. Effing morons, Gutter life from Govan, not one of them washed. as to trifc, nae penalties against them, it’s amazing what a funny handshake gets you at ipox. Still, slimy G will be long gone when it comes to loyalty


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