CELTIC FANS are not used to domestic defeat and it showed today as the team who got us to the 69 games unbeaten run capitulated at Tynecastle.

The game passed Celtic by and they ultimately failed as a group, with nobody, apart from maybe James Forrest looking like doing much for the cause.

The two centre-backs came in for heavy criticism from the Celtic support.

Do you agree?


  1. i agree entirely with you Martin. It is indeed hyperbolic drivel from the usual moaners.
    The away fans were brilliant and stayed with the team until the end and even after the end.

  2. One defeat in 70 games and now the vultures are out picking over the carcass ok it was a very poor performance but the supporters must rally round the boys and give the magnificent manager we have the chance to make amends and the necessary changes to put matters right .There is still the matter of a league to be won and let today be a wake up call to everyone concerned with the club .

  3. What a brilliant Run its been,Its been magic Lording it over the less fortunate,We Are Lucky To Have Such a magical Club to follow.Its all still there for Us.The League the Treble We Go Again….We need some decent signings,Without a doubt But Cmon We Are Celtic……HH COYBIG!!!

    • Exactly Joe,the run had to end sooner or later,just a pity it had to be because we put in such a shambolic performance,and especially against the ” cousins of william”It would have been a sweeter pill to swallow if it had been against Lennies Hibs and the three points jumped Hibs above sevco into to third and cost them third place.But that’s the invincible run,”monkey” tag off our back and maybe the team can now just kick on and concentrate on winning the treble.Hopefully Brendan gets in at least one solid centre half in to shore up the back line its looked dodgy all season. HAIL HAIL.

  4. Defence getting slaughtered in post-match. Rightly so. But what about upfront? Hardly anyone saying much about that. The ‘favoured’ one, Dembele, continues to favour personal glory over team play. As seen a few times today. And his general form has dipped considerably.
    So too has Sinclair. A shadow of previous talent And trickery. And for those that say this is a ‘one -off game and what’s the problem, let’s concede that there has been a general dip in performance of recent? The talented wan , Patrick Roberts, is sorely missed. So anyway, lets get Huns game out of the road with a convincing result and then a welcome break.

    • Bang on pal dembele is overated other one fae PSG is pish tae also where was the big broony ass leader ship skills yesterday wasn’t even trying to get players up for it at 2-0 doon

  5. We all knew that this day would come. We got are pants pulled down and got a good spanking. It’s what we do next. We knew the back 4 needed sorting and now it will. In Brendan we trust. That unbeaten tag was a weight around our neck, it’s done now. At least were not in the shape the huns are, sh1te players no money and a ground falling down. Hail Hail

  6. Best fans in the world??? Sadly not all of us.
    One defeat and some start acting like huns. Can’t wait to lay into the players. Absolutely disgusting to listen to some of the crap.
    Europe after Christmas!
    First cup won!
    Top of the league!
    1 defeat in 70!
    Go and kid on your supporting some other lot, because your only kidding on your supporting us.

  7. Doing great in our Premier,Done Great in our Premier.Went on a 69 game run,Undefeated.No other Club in Scotland can or will ever come close to beating that Run,FACT!!!But i dont know about anyone elses opinions regarding Europa.If we dont get some decent defenders in and another Goalie,It will be painful to watch…..Some of the players Are Not Good Enough,For European Competition.HH n Awrat….Get Behind the Team,Support the Team…Good Enough For Our Premier,CL gets Us some extra Cash….Give Brendan the readies to Strengthen.

  8. Surely we can’t play with just a back 3 whilst we have Boyato and Sumo as centre backs We need to play 4 across the back to help protect them
    Hail Hail

  9. Well it had to come but not they result of yesterday, a 1-0 yes, but that yesterday was pathetic, it was a reality check on the full squad, not only back 4 where was the mid-field FIGHTERS, this has been coming for last 6 games, scraping draws through in couple good wins, my take of it is there is no place to hide playing for Celtic, and after yesterday`s defeat I hope Brendon and his staff kick some arse hard, make change`s and send a message out to players, if you want that jersey prove it, it`s hard to earn it now shown everybody your good enough to wear it, our fans deserve it they will stick with you through thick and thin, go out now and prove your worth

  10. Agree wi your comments get rid of boyata and simunovic they r garbage gordon cannae even kick a ball properly too many players pathetic dembele is overated tae edoouard rubbish tae

  11. Impossible to play the kind of passing out from the back game with players who don’t have the necessary ball skills. Don’t really find this kind of football entertaining anyway. Not the Celtic way. It’s borong and only draws pressure at the wrong end of the park. Get the ball into the opposition half and keep it there. Stop faffing around at the back. Cash in on , Armstrong, Hayes and anyone else we can ship out particularly goalkeepers and central defenders. Strengthen the squad with young fresh talent.

  12. I am a Celtic suportter and I am pissed off with people (Scottish ) slagging off the spfl and Scottish football in general ,I watch all Scottish football regardless of whose playing although I enjoy sevco and hearts getting humped


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