Motherwell youth coach Gordon Young has lifted the lid on Celtic’s long interest in midfielder David Turnbull ahead of the player’s Parkhead switch which looks to be moving closer.

The Fir Park coach has revealed Celtic have been after Turnbull for years with the Celtic youth system keen to pick the player up on an ‘annual basis’ for much of his young career.

Turnbull had a standout season last term which has earned him a £3m move to the Scottish champions but when the club would come in for him when he was younger, Turnbull’s family and the Motherwell coaching staff had faith big things would come if he kept playing with Motherwell.

Young believes these players who stick around at Motherwell are often rewarded for their loyalty be earning a money-spinning move eventually rather than go into a very crowded youth system and end up falling by the wayside.

Speaking to the Evening Times, Young confirmed not only interest from Celtic in Turnbull from a young age but also from a certain Ibrox club.

“Because David’s had a nice upbringing and his family were grounded, they backed me every year when Rangers and Celtic came in, which was on an annual basis,” Young said.

“Hastie is the same. He knocked back Rangers three or four times, and the stick he is taking now is unfair.

“He knocked Rangers back on numerous occasions because his family felt that being at Motherwell was a better way to progress.

“They are enjoying now the commitment they’ve made, and while I used that as a selling tool to bring players in, where they have now gone to is the next piece of marketing; come to Motherwell and look at what can be achieved.

“I would never have it that anyone could come back and say I never told them about clubs being in for them. I always kept the players informed, and the ones that were loyal are the ones who have all benefited; Chris Cadden, Allan Campbell, Jake Hastie, David Turnbull.

“It was my selling point at Motherwell. I’m a Motherwell fan, but when I was competing against Rangers, Celtic, Hearts and Hibs, I had to offer a pathway.

“I always thought it was better to sell them to Rangers and Celtic as established players, rather than them getting gobbled up as a nine or 10-year-old and becoming just another fish in the pond.”


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