Former Celtic hero Moussa Dembele is rubbing salt on the wounds of his old rivals this evening after they were beaten on penalties in the Europa League final.

The Frenchman is never too far away from a wind up and he was at it again as he quoted Official Rangers telling them he really didn’t care as they described their teams valiant effort on the night.

The Rangers put all their eggs in the European basket when Celtic stepped up to the plate in the second half of the season. The bhoys winning the league with room to spare, all eyes were on Seville and they have missed the chance to make history.

Moussa Dembele doesn’t have much sympathy it would seem.

The Rangers also missed out on automatic Champions league football next season and will now need to go through qualifiers to get there.

Celtic, on the other hand managed to grab a group spot winning the league on a rebuild season.


  1. Feels like justice. Just need Hearts to beat them in the cup and the Rangurs karma circle will be complete. Locking out away fans, refusing interviews due to sponsorship arrangements…
    Universe is putting things right.


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