MOUSSA DEMBELE couldn’t help himself but have a parting shot at the club who gave him a fantastic platform over the past two seasons.

The Frenchman was an absolute disgrace yesterday when he called the club and Brendan Rodgers out for not accepting a bid from Lyon.

Moussa’s social media antics was enough to see him get his wish of a move even though Celtic were left short up front because of it.

Instead of showing a scintilla of class towards the club he told French reporters that Celtic used an ‘excuse’ to try and keep him at the club.

The audacity of Celtic for wanting to make sure they were covered before allowing him to leave.

It would have been much easier for the club to accept the initial bid and take the money but the Celtic manager knew that will leave Celtic vulnerable.

In the end, you have to imagine Rodgers felt he was already a man down with Dembele’s stinking attitude and unwillingness to accept an extra six month stay at Parkhead.

Comments like the one above make it easier for Celtic fans to move on from him.


  1. Hope Lyon enjoy paying 4 million wages for a player who falls injured everytime he goes near grass. Good player but rarely fit and an a**e with a mobile phone it appears. No player is bigger than any club.

  2. Absolute wanker of a guy. Once loved now a hate figure, well he is in my eyes anyway. He could have left with some grace but decided to be a tool. Good riddance HH 🍀🇮🇪

  3. Very Disappointed in his behaviour, like a child throwing his dummy out of the pram until he got the big lolly, it was up to lyon to stump up without his petulance. Would have been nice to look back with fond memories of his time with us but he’s tainted that he didnt have to bring all this out in the public eye good riddance i say.

  4. I hope Lyon finds out he’s a dud, he’s always injured and he’s missed some sitters I reckon Leigh Griffiths is a better all round performer

  5. Get Lovell out soon as possible this hotel and fan zone is a lot of shit wots that going to do when you not got anything for people to come see but I agree that dumbelle has let us the fans down bye the way he went good rid of negative atteude and 19.7mil has go bk into the team surely for next year or will Lovell keep it that give him 26.7 mil way Armstrongs cash too come on lads bad bad bad hail hail still stuff them zombies the Mora 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪⚽️⚽️👍👍

  6. Showed himself up ,we gave him the platform to progress,he’s gone, we will move on, just a silly boy!!!!!had better than him at the club,who were glad to be here!!

  7. He can play until he’s 50 and he’ll never be the striker in the calibre of Leigh Griffith’s. When Leigh walks down the tunnel we’re one up. Can you say that about Dembele?
    The day he strutted off the park in the game against sevco(where he contributed nothing) would have been his last game for Celtic had I been the manager.

  8. Wake up Bhoys, the Club Engineered the Fckn Move, Injured by Jnuary, weres the big Money Then, Good bit of Buisness, We move on As Celtic, Still got Enough , Goals all over The park, Enjoy, Small game v Sevco Today, See yous There, Hail Hail.


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