There are some Celtic fans still in denial this morning about Moussa Dembele’s intentions and his social media behaviour over the past 12 hours.

The first cryptic tweet which called out someone for not keeping their word after a record-breaking bid was put in wasn’t enough.

Even his second tweet about ‘Be careful who you call your leader’ still had some fans clinging to hope.

If you are under any illusion that Moussa doesn’t want out and want out now then check out the tweets he favourited after his outburst last night.

Moussa has chosen to like all the tweets above about his situation and the Chris Sutton one at the end also leaves in no doubt he has called out Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers.

Brendan Rodgers prepared Celtic fans for a two-year stint at Parkhead for the Frenchman and believed he would move on after this but with so little time left on the transfer clock, Lyon’s bid comes very late in the day with no hope of Celtic finding a replacement.

It remains to be seen if Moussa will go but we either lose our best striker or have a very unhappy player on our hands that will be no use this Sunday in the Glasgow Derby.


  1. Take the money and let him go it will be better all round if he goes now before another war of words kick in,we are getting good money for him we can replace him let him take his next step,if he feels he is not wanting to be here then we let him go.

  2. Get him oot asap.
    Disruptive and uncommitted,
    He hasn’t done enough in his time here. Griffiths is committed and loyal and won’t be looking to jump ship.
    Thanks for the Hatrick Moussa.

    Grass isn’t greener.

    #$UTTON the $NAKE

  3. Better to go now rather than mope about to the next transfer window!! Did a good job but very injury prone unfortunately. Don’t want him deviding the team/club/supporters.

  4. Unfortunately there is no loyalty anymore,good player with us, but we developed him a bit more ,can’t blame players wanting the mega bucks,long gone are the days,when players wanted to stay and enjoy their fame,!!!!!!no point in keeping him, we have good guys here who can step in,take the money, he can’t guarantee a full season un-injured,will not slag him off,just disappointed.

  5. seems to be the chance you take with buying foreign players, they are seldom or ever as truly committed to the club and its jersey as some of the home grown players, I’m not saying all by any means, Henrik ranks right up there with any of our home grown greats and hope fully some others will too. Perhaps a look towards Asia will be fruitful, Dembele seemed to show he was happy here at times, but less so at other times, will be a shame to see him go, but…. no use keeping an unhappy player in your club if he is just going to cause unrest.

  6. Lets part on good terms let him go with our good wishes,let him move on good terms,there should be cover at the club for any player that moves on short notice, let him get his mega bucks move…


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