We’re sitting here tonight so bereft of confidence in our team and our club to act on what’s happening.

The ten in a row project was dead in the water back in October. Mathematically, we looked close BUT watching game after game Celtic participated in throughout last three months of 2020, there was no doubt this team, under this manager were done.

We crept over the line to win the Scottish Cup, and that made history which will only be fully appreciated in time when we look at the enormity of it.

However, this season, we have been nothing short of embarrassing and when the fans asked for change, the club told us to sit down and be quiet. The hardcore element of the support shouting anybody down who would dare criticise Lennon adding to the frustration.

Tony Mowbray was sacked after a 4-1 defeat to St Mirren, ten points behind in the league. That was the moment Peter Lawwell ended the Mowbray era. We have had so many of the same results under Neil Lennon with a bigger deficit and he remains in charge.

The ten is gone, we’ve lost the league, but what’s more is this team isn’t getting any better, we’re going further back the way and we could face a challenge for second!

The project is dead, we need a new man, we need them in as quickly as possible to start building for next season.


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