Daizen Maeda has been a target of negativity from certain quarters of the Celtic support, but on Sunday he came up big for the Hoops as they reinstated their three-point lead at the top of the table.

It was a day for much-maligned players showing what they can do. James Forrest starting the game at Livingston raised eyebrows, the winger is regularly put down by many in his own support. The Celtic star proved pivotal on the day, justifying Ange’s selection.

Maeda came to the club in January after playing a full season in Japan. He’s now scored five goals but for some reason, there’s been a groundswell of people claiming he’s not good enough. Ange laughed off questions about the striker’s form, pointing out he’s only been here for less than two months.

James Forrest has always carried a certain amount of negativity with some supporters who have never really rated him for some reason. It’s bizarre! James has accomplished so much during his Celtic career and fans who don’t rate him are utterly idiotic.

A winger’s output tends to diminish quicker than many other positions on the pitch as they get older but James has a part to play at Celtic.

Fans can be fickle, you’re one bad miss or bad game away from being written off at times.

Maybe both players will get a bit more respect after helping Celtic to a huge win.


  1. I understand some of the criticism levied against Forrest. He’s not been the same player as before his injury. For a few seasons he was great, and on occasion was virually unplayable. Like so many young fast players he’s maybe lost a touch of that burst, but his experience is more telling in positional play. A good run for the goal today (great ball from Jota) and a really good finish after a typical Jamesey first touch!! He’s going to be vital in the run in for squad depth and big game experience.


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